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Prime FC provides multiple training programs to help players advance their skills and game awareness.  Our program is designed to put emphasis on player development, which encompasses all aspects and levels of training based on player ability.   Players will be introduced to age appropriate Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological parts of the game.


Skills Centre Training Program  (click here)

This program welcomes players of all skill levels, dedicated to advancing their skills, game awareness, and understanding. Our emphasis lies in individual player development, covering all facets of training tailored to each player's ability.

Our aim is to foster a learning environment where players can cultivate a passion for the game, improve both individually and as team members, and equip themselves to tackle challenges on and off the field throughout their developmental journey.

Future Elite Training Program  (click here)

This program is tailored for highly skilled, competitive players aged between U8 to U10, demonstrating exceptional abilities. Our program prioritizes individual skills and game intelligence, recognizing their significance during these formative years. Players will be introduced to age-appropriate technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game.

Junior Elite Training Program (click here)

This program offers top-quality skills and training sessions for players aged U11 to U13. It is tailored to provide a competitive platform for players committed to training, eager to learn, and driven to compete.

Elite High Performance Training Program (click here)

This training program offers a highly competitive private and group training program, extending invitations to talented and committed players who are dedicated to training, improving, and competing.

This program caters to elite players aged 13 and older, providing an environment and culture conducive to taking their game to the next level. Our training sessions are meticulously crafted to offer individualized attention, ensuring each athlete reaches their full potential, while fostering long-term relationships with all our players.